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Trolley for water supply

Power supply:

- Voltage AC 230 V,

- Power consumption 40 VA,

- Battery DC 12 V 6,5 Ah.

Water pump:

- Voltage DC 12 V,

- Flow 10 dm3/min.,

- Delivery height to 5m,

- Pressure 0,6 Bar.


- Capacity 60 dm3.

     Trolley makes easy refilling electrolyte in batteries equipped with central filling system. To service battery without this system we offer optional dispenser. The trolley has a battery-powered pump and a reservoir with a capacity of 60 liters. It can be used to handle stationary or traction batteries.


Roller tables
Overlay for hand trolley
Overlay for battery trolley
Drip trays
Position for boot battery charging
Traverse to battery replacement
Extraction Arm
Shower + eyewash station
Eyewash station with replaceable cartridges
DEMI station APS300
AQ barrel for distilled water
Manual Change Cart

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