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TMD provides a full implementation of all its products, as well as:

  • Maintenance and service facilities 7/24.
  • Installations of Guaranteed Power Supply Systems: DC charging power stations, rectifier-inverter systems, UPSes, stationary batteries, power generator sets.
  • Design and implementation of professional electrical installation special and unusual.
  • Electrical measurements, inspections and maintenance of electrical installations.
  • Transport and installation of equipment in any place on Polish territory.
  • Experience in working in difficult conditions, in the transport we use the techniques of vertical climbing.
  • Experience in the work on the towers, chimneys, etc.
  • Uninterruptible power supplies and UPS family exchanges.
  • Enclosures for power equipment and components for them (production).
  • Racks and battery cabinets for UPS.
  • AC and DC LV switchgears systems, SZR, and signaling.
  • Powder-coated or galvanized structures (own powder paint shop).
  • Assembly on site.
  • Reliability and professionalism backed by years of experience in guaranteed power supply.



1. Power distribution in whole building, and including:
a) wiring "thick" / backbone, we also supply and install busways where it is more economical,
b) main switchboards,
c) section/indirect
d) end/reception switchgears,
e) wiring: sockets, ventilation, air conditioning, heating, pumps and other machinery, 3-phase 1-phase receivers ,
f) Complete external lighting of the area, according to project,
g) a complete lighting inside the building, both parts, industrial, offices and storerooms,
h) reception measurements of installations: cables, switchgears, fire protection, earthing resistance, light, noise,
i) preparation complying with the standards measurements protocols,

2. Installations projects from point 1, or modifications of existing projects.

3. Modifications and extensions of existing power systems, including the Project Implementation
We provide a site visit, advise, optimize costs, design, install and return into use.

4. We have great experience in the construction of guaranteed power supply , we select and deliver the best UPS systems + Batteries + Unit + SZR

We undertake to do all the electrical / power low-voltage AC 400/230 V from a transformer station (transformer stations we do not offer).



Contact with Installations manager:
  Łukasz Posuniak
+48 483606557 int. 35 ; cell. +48 663337037


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