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System battery racks

       TMD exists since 1 July 1990. The name comes from initials of the owner.  Firstly the TMD produced small electronics. Since 1997 we're in power electronics systems branch.

         In Radom TMD runs:

  • electromechanical workshop,
  • metalwork-techn. welding workshop,
  • traction chargers and batteries service,
  • paintshop. 

        We make electrical and tele-technical installations, guaranteed power supply installations and industrial battery rooms. We have own truck transport.

       TMD Tomasz Machnio hires projectants, technicians, electricians, welders, metalworkers. Experience of the crew and the quality of our services is demonstrated by the designed and manufactured by TMD power equipment operates in more than 300 base stations of all national mobile operators.
       We realize unusual and individual orders. We design DC power stations - outdoor type with air-conditioning systems, bypass, battery cabinets for UPS LV switchgear AC and DC and signaling. We realize complex: design, construction of the devices, transportation and installation. TMD Tomasz Machnio is a partner in the sale and service of products known to the world's leading manufacturers of energy-electronic industry as Benning PE (AC/DC devices for guaranteed power supply for telecommunications systems), Enersys (traction batteries and chargers) or Wamtechnik (SSB and Panasonic stationary batteries). Service works includes repairs and other kind of services, such as measurements or the controlling discharge of the batteries. In each of our installations, we use Sonel meters for measurements.
      We make installations of power supply devices in hard to reach places such as rooftops, church towers, etc. We use alpine methods for vertical transportation.
      We manufacture UPS/Bypass switches, racks and battery cabinets for the UPS/DC power stations. We also manufacture circuit breakers, battery connectors and LV switchgears. We also produce custom support structures, hangers, fasteners for GSM antennas. We design custom power devices, especially in outdoor versions.
      Since 2004 we operate in the new seat in Radom, Energetyków 16 street. TMD recently has changed its legal form to limited liability company.



Owner :

Tomasz Machnio



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